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  They say half of recovery depends on admitting there is a problem. This is where you say, "Hi, Dave," if this was a twelve step program, which it is not. I do knot work and there is no end in sight. You have to make up your own mind as to what that means.
    Check out the Gallery. This is where I showcase work that I have given away or kept for my self.

    The Catolog is where I sell various items and it is always being added to. I've got way to much of this stuff to keep it all.    

    Please do read my Disclaimer. It is important that we both know where we stand. I've been told that it covers just about every contingency that could come up. Read it and let me know if I've forgotten anything.

    After twenty five years of listening to my nonsense my lovely wife finally told me to "Just shut the hell up!" and if she ever hears another word of boat talk all my stuff is going out on the lawn. Hence the Sea Stories section.

    I took the wave picture above. It is as good as place to start as any.